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Ice Age—A Movie Should Watch

If we're to believe that Ice Age, twenty thousand years ago, life on earth hasn't been way too good, my friend. We in the 21st century want to live dangerously as well, otherwise what is with cigarettes, cholesterol and alcohol, huh? However, whatever the case maybe, at least we don't need to deal with manage sabre toothed tigers on the prowl and the environment is not really the only thing that low. So folks, lend these 3 heroes on the latest movie animated generation your sympathy.

Diego the Sabre toothed tiger, Sid the sloth, and Manny the wooly mammoth (voiced by Ray Romano, John Leguizamo and Denis Leary respectively) mode an unlikely pack to travel against their own flight instincts and work towards seeking the human beings with lost their baby. Join them in their trip as they get hold of jammed in a cave and go sliding around, fight the wrap of the sabre tigers and get away from the volcano until such time as they find themselves together and mode the bizarre herd you would probably have heard of.

This animation is certainly of the tune of Looney Toons and Sid the sloth is the funniest fellow around. Scrat, 50 % of squirrel, half rat (hence the name) is shown as a aspect issue who hilariously tries to hide the final acorn.

The relationship between Manny and Sid is a lot like the one amongst the Ogre and the Donkey in Shrek. Also, the human animation looks obvious as compared to the animals. The movie will always keep you entertained with its amazing sense of humor and the other liners if you happen to try ignoring a few of these concerns and the fact that all these animals co-exist in the ice age.


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