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The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride

The Circle of Life Continues… 


After the success of the animated movie The Lion King, people had been asking if there is another sequel. What happened to Simba in his time as a king? Are there any changes in the film? Well, after years of waiting, in 1998 Disney announced and released another sequel—The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride. It is an animated romance film produced by Walt Disney Pictures and Walt Disney Animation Australia.


All Time Favorite Movies: The Lion King

Who will ever forget the blockbuster animated musical movie in 1994—The Lion King?

I remember in my 4th grade level our school conducts an activity by taking students to watch movies in a movie house. Honestly it was my first time to visit a movie house and I feel excited about it, I did not ask my teacher anymore what movies we were going to watch. All I care is that we are going to a movie house together with my friends and classmates. When we arrived there I was surprised that we gonna watch The Lion King, and I was thinking—not bad after all! I am sure we will enjoy this movie.

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