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All Time Favorite Movies: The Lion King

Who will ever forget the blockbuster animated musical movie in 1994—The Lion King?

I remember in my 4th grade level our school conducts an activity by taking students to watch movies in a movie house. Honestly it was my first time to visit a movie house and I feel excited about it, I did not ask my teacher anymore what movies we were going to watch. All I care is that we are going to a movie house together with my friends and classmates. When we arrived there I was surprised that we gonna watch The Lion King, and I was thinking—not bad after all! I am sure we will enjoy this movie.

The Lion King is a story of a cub who will be the future king named Simba (Matthew Broderick) the son of King Mufasa (James Earl Jones) and Queen Sarabi (Madge Sinclair). Simba grew into a curious cub and he cannot wait to be a king. However, his evil Uncle Scar (Jeremy Irons), which supposed to be the next king, got angry to Mufasa and jealous to Simba. So, he planned to get the throne back by setting up Mufasa to be killed in a stampede and makes Simba guilty for killing his father. After the incident, Simba runs away from their land and found new friends Timon (meerkat) and Pumbaa (warthog), they helped Simba to recover and live in the jungle in “hakuna matata” motto, which means no worries by Timon (Nathan Lane) and Pumbaa (Ernie Sabella). As time goes by Simba grow up and think he has escaped his past; however, his past keeps hunting him until his childhood friend Nala find him. Nala (Moira Kelly) tell him everything what is happening to their land and she tries convincing him to go back and fight what is right for them.

The story tells us about family, friendship, pride, honor, power, greed, betrayal, and guilt. Somehow, we can relate ourselves to the characters and do reflection. You will be carried away the emotions and the music soundtrack of it. 

The Lion King is a two thumbs movie, it got an A+ in cinema rating which means everybody can watch and enjoy this movie. Here are some fun facts, that you should not miss this movie. The Lion King were nominated and win awards. 

  • The highest-grossing hand-drawn film in history
  • The highest-grossing 2D animated film in US
  • The 21st highest grossing feature film
  • Won in 1995 2 Academy awards for  best Music, Original Score (Hanz Zimmer) and best Music, Original Song (Can You Feel the Love Tonight)
  • Won in 1995 3 Golden Globes, USA awards for best motion picture – comedy/musical,  best original score – motion picture (Hanz Zimmer),  best original song – motion picture; Elton John (music) and Tim Rice (lyrics)  for the song “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”.
  • And a lot more awards.


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